Italy is surely one of the best and most popular destinations for all the travel lovers around the world. This European country has a strong and splendid history that marks the Western culture. With amazing places to visit and a strong historical background, this country has a lot to offer. From its ancient ruins to delicious cuisine, everything about Italy is charming. Besides all these, Italy is surely known for its fashion and creative styles. If you are going on a trip with your girl friends or going for a solo trip, you must know how to dress like a local in Italy.

If you are packing for your Italy trip, you must choose the right clothing for your trip. We are here to help in choosing the most stylish clothes or outfits that you can take with you for your Italy trip. Rest assured, following this can help you to roam in Italy like a local.

Fashion guide for Italy trip

The clothes that you need to consider while packing actually depends of the weather of your trip. As the best time to visit Italy is during the summers or during spring and autumn, you need to pack accordingly. Here is a complete guide for fashion that you can follow while packing:

1. Clothes to pack

If you are visiting Italy during the summer season, make sure to pack some clothes with breathable fabric. You can pack some long skirts, comfortable and breathable tops and some Boho-inspired dresses. Italians dress quite conservatively but fashionably. But you can take shorts and some flowy skirts too if you are visiting Italy in the month of June or July.

Do not forget to pack some swimsuits if you are visiting Cinque Terre or Positano. You can opt for one-pieces as well as bikinis from some of the very stylish stores. Also, make sure to pack some tops with long sleeves and capris or long skirts. You will need these covered clothes if you are visiting churches or the Vatican.

But if you are visiting during the spring or autumn season, do not forget to pack one or two jackets and shrugs. You may need them in the evening. Also carry a pair of socks and scarfs with you. Temperature can drop anytime during spring or autumn.

2. Shoes to be packed

You must remember that you have to walk to explore the cities like a local. For that, it is better to ditch the high heels as they can be quite uncomfortable. Instead of that, pack a pair or two comfortable sneakers for the sightseeing days. The loafers or moccasins can look quite stylish and most of the Italian locals wear these stylish pairs. While ballet flats and loafers are ideal for the warm weather, you can opt for ankle boots if you are visiting Italy in autumn or spring.

Do not forget to carry a waterproof boots during the rainy or snowy season. But make sure to pack a pair of comfy sneakers and a cute pair of comfortable flats for the summers. Most of the sneakers and flats can go well with all types of outfits.

3. Accessories

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. In this Italy fashion guide, we will also tell you about the best accessories that you can carry for the trip to Italy. If you want to dress like a local, you have to choose the right accessories for your outfits. A wide brimmed hat is a must to have if you are visiting during the summer. Italian sun is quite popular and you need to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays. So, carry one or two beautiful cotton or straw hats to team it up with your shorts, dresses or skirts.

Do not forget to carry some stylish pair of sunglasses. Well, oversized ones are always in fashion and you will notice most of the girls wear that in Italy. This is because of the sun. They can help you to protect your eyes from the UV rays. Also, carry some beautiful funky jewelry such as bracelets and earrings and finger rings. Though you may not see locals to wear lots of accessories while they are simply roaming but you will definitely see them all decked up while partying. So, if you have a plan to enjoy the Italy’s nightlife, then make sure to be prepared with some gorgeous accessories.

Colors & Style For The Outfit

Well, Italy is a beautiful place with a pleasant weather throughout. Mostly the people here in Italy love to dress in bright colors. With the cities like Milan, Florence, Naples and Rome, Italy is always considered as one of the most fashionable destinations. So, if you want to make sure that you look like a local in Italy, you have to be stylish and fashionable. Whether you are dressing casually or formally, latest updates on fashion is always essential.

So, always pick the designs, styles and colors that are in fashion right now when you are visiting Italy. Even if you keep your outfit completely casual, it must be perfectly fashionable and chic. That is how Italians dress up. You can also see some fashion differences between the Northern Italy and Southern Italy. Whereas the southern part is more casual and cozy, the northern part is more classy and chic.

So, this is all about how to dress like a local in Italy. You can follow these to make sure that you are dressing up like a local while you are in Italy. Being a fashionable state, this place is full of some top-notch designer shops. You can buy some accessories and outfits from Italy too to keep your fashion completely on the line. You can look for the latest collections available in the stores and keep yourself updated with the latest fashion trends in Italy.

Do not forget to pick one or two designer outfits from there when you visit cities like Milan and Florence. They are the fashion cities of Italy. One last pro tip for you: do not forget to carry your sunscreen with you while you are in Italy, regardless of what season you are visiting.

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