So finally you are embarking on your dream tour of Europe. But what now? Are you all ready? Bags packed with all the exclusive shopping you did for this Europe trip? But, wait a minute, did you pack your hair accessories yet?

The long flights and tours that you will have to take will have a massive toll on your overall health. And your hair is no exception. Europe is full of diverse weathers and changing climates. You will find a different weather with every town or city you visit. And changing climates have a massive effect on your hair too. To cope up with such conditions you must, therefore, carry some extremely crucial hair accessories to take good care of your beautiful hair on the go.

Here’s a list of some of the best hair travel accessories that you can carry for keeping your beautiful hair flawless while on the move.

1. Curling Irons

Keep them into your backpack for those perfect curls. Add all those twists, waves and flips to your hairdo. Choose to skip the cords and go cordless with rechargeable options. The Conair Minipro Cordless Ceramic Curling Iron and the Travel Smart by Conair Ceramic Curling Iron at $30 are the best ones that you can blindly go for.

2. Flat Irons

Now enjoy the freedom of wearing a braided look for your morning gym sessions or straighten it all up for your business conference, if you need it all, one of these is definitely your thing. Babylisspro Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron @ $30, Huachi Cordless Mini Flat Iron @ $40 and the Rusk W8less flat iron @ $80 are some of the best travel flat irons. If you are on a budget, stuff in an Amovee Mini Flat Iron @ $13 and style your hair as and when you want.

hairdresser’s tools – hair drier, curling iron, hairbrush

3. Blow Dryers

You can perhaps just go on without these since most of the hotel rooms have these in the rooms. But just in case you have to check into an Airbnb, a hostel or some other low-budget accommodation, you sure cannot miss these. Some options are the Babylisspro Titanium Travel Dryer @ $33 or the Sephora Mini Blast Blow Dryer @ $26. So, stay tour-ready with the hair dryers.

4. Multi-Use Hair Tools

With baggage restrictions and traveling with carry-on luggage only, these multi-purpose hair tools come very handy. When one does the work of a few, these sure turn out to be one of the best travel hair styling tools. The Huachi 2 in 1 curling and flat iron @ $29 and the Honglida Folding Portable 3 in 1 iron @ $28 does the job perfectly.

5. Hair Brushes

While on the go and wherever you go, a hairbrush is an absolute requirement. No, not the big ones. Invest in some pocket-sized best travel hairbrush options that will keep all your hair up and ready for all your tours and adventures. Some options that you can go for are; HerStyler De-Tangle Brush @ $9, Drybar Lil’ Lemon Drop Daily Detangler to Go Brush @ $12 and Sephora Thermal Brush Small @ $18. Now stay all brushed up on the go with these wonderful mini hair brushes.

6. Other Hair Products

Not everything from the packed drawers your bathroom can make it to to your travel, but some of the most essential ones can surely can. You can opt for some dry hair product variants that perfectly go with the TSA requirements and are allowed in the carry on baggage. And in doing so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Stuff in some budget-friendly products like the Frizz Ease along with some pricey ones for some other fancier occasions. Some hair products that you can carry on; Everpro’s Gray Touch Up Powder @ $9, Lush Dry Shampoo Bars @ $11.95, Fekkai Hair Radiance Mist @ $8.54, Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray @ $27, Color Wow Root Cover Up @ $34. Choose to carry these in your bags and let your hair roll in all their glory.

While traveling light on a tour is recommended, make sure your bag has the all-important travel hair kit with all the essential hair accessories. Stuff them in and keep them handy for those quick hairdos, twists, and curls for all those perfect selfies and timeless photo moments. Let your dream Europe Trip turn out to be as flawless as you imagined it to be.

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