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11 Most Romantic Cities to Visit in Europe

Have you been wondering about the best romantic cities to visit in Europe? Then you will surely be thrilled with our selection of the most beautiful cities in Europe and romantic small towns in Europe.

1. Rome, Italy

When you want to be able to say that you have been to one of the most romantic destinations in the world, then you will want to go to Rome. This city showcases much charm of the old world. You can enjoy a pleasant walk as you admire the gorgeous architecture. Make sure you try some gelato, which is a wonderful type of ice cream particular to Italy. It will be the perfect refresher on a warm day, as the gelato is rich, cool, sweet and smooth.

Via dei Fori Imperiali to Coliseum, Rome, Italy

2. Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is far away, but it is worth the journey. The baroque architecture of this place is exquisite. You can enjoy the beauty as you stroll down some alleyways that are made of cobblestone. You must visit the impressive and awe-inspiring landmark that is the Verekai Palace, which was first built in the fourteenth century. It underwent reconstruction in the eighteenth century. The landscapes of this place are picturesque with many gardens and lakes.

Vilnius, Lithuania, Eastern Europe. Evening Night Panorama Of Bell Tower Belfry, Cathedral Basilica Of St. Stanislaus And St. Vladislav And Palace Of The Grand Dukes Of Lithuania In Twilight. UNESCO

3. Venice, Italy

When you want the perfect place for a romantic trip of a lifetime, consider Venice. Venice offers beautiful coasts. You will enjoy the many narrow lanes that are captivating with boutiques, shops, galleries and cafes. In addition, there are many bridges that are rather charming for that romantic afternoon stroll. Be sure to enjoy a gondola ride down the canals, which are utterly picturesque.

Promenade near San Marco Square with Doge’s Palace at sunrise in Venice

4. Paris, France

When one thinks of romantic getaways, one cannot forget about Paris. It is so much fun to explore this city by yourself. But when you have your special someone with you, Paris seems to become even more magical. Enjoy the historical cobblestone streets of the Montmartre section of the city. Delight in the gorgeous views of the city at night when it is all lit up—it is known as the city of light. Surely, everyone must visit the Eiffel Tower. And be sure to try some decadent French pastries in a cozy bakery. There are many luxurious restaurants to create the perfect ambiance of romance during your dining experience.

Eiffel tower, clear sunrise at Trocadero, in Paris, France

5. Istanbul, Turkey

If you want a place that has a rich history, then you will be happy to land in Istanbul. It is a unique place, as it is situated on the continent of Europe and Asia. You will be able to say you were on two continents at once. The underground waterway is amazing. There are so many places to explore, particularly the Bosphorous Straight which is the official partition between Asia and Europe. You can really boost up those romantic vibes as you take in some lovely sunsets.

Panoramic view of Istanbul with the Blue Mosque at the center

6. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov is ultimately charming in its own glory. You will sense that you have escaped reality for a while. The place is relaxing and offers many grand views. You can even take a language class, enjoy some local cuisine and perhaps get a massage in welcoming spa. This is the place to visit when you are looking for ultra hospitality.

Panorama Of Cesky Krumlov Cityscape, Czech Republic. Castle, Tower, St. Vitus Church At Sunny Autumn Day. UNESCO World Heritage Site

7. Bruges, Belgium

If you love to travel, then going to Bruges is well worth your effort. The place looks like something from a fairy tale. This village is medieval in style and brings about an air of romance immediately. It is a wonderful place full of rich history. In fact, it is a renowned world heritage site according to UNESCO. Enjoy the abundance of canals and the gorgeous swans.

Panorama of Bruges medieval houses and canal, Belgium

8. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a gem that you will be glad to visit. When you want a magical winter getaway, this is the place to escape to. Enjoy the snowy beauty, try some skating and warm up with some Hungarian style tea and pastries. You will find wonderful gift shops and fine quality accommodations.

9. Wroclaw, Poland

When you need to get away from all the frantic pace of life, then take a romantic holiday in Wroclaw. This place is not commonly visited by many tourists who go to Poland, which makes the perfect spot for those who are seeking a quieter place with fewer people. The architecture is colorful and there are many delightful shops to explore. The scenery will take your breath away. Keep active and wander the streets or use an online fitness program to keep fit on your travels.

10. Colmar, France

You will get the best of two cultures when you visit Colmar, as it is a city in France which borders near Germany. Thus, the place offers a richness in regard to both French and German influences in the culture and food. This blend of influences is also noted in the interesting architecture. The vineyards seem endless. You can rent a bike and enjoy some splendid excursions with plenty of trails.

11. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest just may become your next favorite place to visit. Many expats have moved to make a new life in Budapest. The city has a history that is undeniably fascinating. The museums are thrilling to explore. The people are welcoming and the interiors of many places possess a stately glory to add to the romantic adventure you are seeking with your special someone.

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